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Waterlase Laser Dentistry

We use the Waterlase dental laser because you deserve clinical precision and optimal comfort. LASER stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. In short, a laser is a strong, focused light commonly used in surgical procedures.

Hard-Tissue Applications

Our Waterlase laser is a safe, FDA-approved dental laser that removes tooth decay and prepares teeth for restorations with pinpoint accuracy. In most cases, this means no drills, needles, or numbing!

Soft-Tissue Applications

Waterlase is unique in that it can also perform many soft-tissue procedures, like gum disease treatment, biopsies, cold sore treatment, gum reshaping, and crown lengthening.

Dentists, doctors, and patients appreciate the laser’s ability to remove and reshape soft tissue without causing the trauma of traditional scalpel surgery. Because the laser seals tissue as it works, no stitches are required following a procedure. The reduced trauma, in many cases, allows for faster healing and minimal bleeding, swelling, and soreness.

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