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Advanced Dental Services

Outside view of Stonebriar Smile Design in Frisco

The reason our patients love us is not just because of the excellent general dentistry we provide, but also the wide array of advanced dental services they just can’t get anywhere else. Our approach is a holistic one, in that we pay attention and care for your mind AND body in addition to your smile. In the end, this provides our patients with more than just a beautiful smile. To learn about all the ways we can give you a one of a kind dental experience, read on below.

Sedation Dentistry

Smiling woman with healthy teeth

Are you nervous or afraid of going to the dentist? If so, sedation dentistry can help you finally overcome your anxiety and get the dental care you need without all the stress and worry. Whether you’re slightly nervous or completely terrified, we know we can help you have the most relaxing dental experience of your life.

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OraVerse logo

With OraVerse, we can reverse the effects of local anesthesia so you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience and should be back to normal by the time you arrive at work or school.. Thanks to OraVerse, you’ll be able to speak, eat, drink, and smile normally right after a dental appointment!

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Modern Technology

Chairside dental care unit

Stonebriar Smile Design’s facility has some of the most advanced dental technology available today. Using the latest tools, we can provide you even better care in less time while protecting you from discomfort. To learn more about some of the amazing tools we use every day, simply click on the link below.

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Sleep Apnea Therapy

Hand holding a custom occlusal splint

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that affects about 20 million Americans each night, and it cannot only rob you of sleep, but also put your long-term health in jeopardy as well. We can use custom-made oral appliances to treat sleep apnea and make sure you wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to take on the day.  A thorough exam of your entire airway may also reveal other obstructions in the nasal cavity, adenoids or tonsils.  At times, we may recommend sleep apnea therapy consultations with a team of our trusted specialists. We believe in taking care of the root problem when it makes sense and not just apply a band aid for long term success.

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Wellness Dentistry

Female patient with healthy smile

This is what makes our practice truly special. When you come to Stonebriar Smile Design, we’ll not only look out for your teeth, but your overall health as well. By thoroughly examining your mouth and working with your doctor, we can detect and catch the early signs of a wide variety of health problems so you can get treatment way before they become an issue. The mouth is the window to your health and instead of ignoring it, we show you what we see with intra-oral pictures and then educate on what that means and suggest next steps to you and your health care providers.

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Perio Protect Tray

Perio Protect Tray on metal dish

The Perio Protect Tray is a convenient at-home treatment we can provide that can help you fight periodontal/gum disease away from our office. You’ll be given a custom-fitted mouth tray and topical antibiotic that you will be instructed to wear for a certain amount of time in order to reduce your infection. This system is extremely effective because it delivers medicine directly to the areas of your mouth where gum disease bacteria tends to gather.

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