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True or False: You Can Drink Coffee with Invisalign

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Man smiling while taking a sip of coffee

Did you know that around 154 million adults drink coffee? That’s 75% of the US population! So, if you are a fan of this caffeinated beverage, you’re not alone. Naturally, you may also be curious if the start of your Invisalign treatment means taking a break from it. To learn the answer, read on!


What Should I Do About a Lost Dental Filling?

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If you live in North Texas and a tornado warning is announced in your area, try not to panic. Yeah right, good luck with that. In a less dramatic situation, if you are ever faced with a dental emergency, do your best to remain calm. It’s ideal to develop a plan of action ahead of time which will help you keep a cool head. If you find yourself dealing with a lost dental filling, for example, here are tips from your emergency dentist in Frisco about what you should do.


Will A Chipped Tooth Heal on Its Own?

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Woman suffering from tooth pain because of a chipped tooth.

Life comes at you pretty fast—and things like dental emergencies can happen when you least expect them to. But when you suffer something like a chipped tooth, is it truly an emergency? Or is your damaged tooth able to heal up on its own? Keep reading to learn more from your emergency dentist in Frisco about chipped teeth and what causes them, along with why the injury usually necessitates prompt treatment even if it doesn’t seem severe.


4 Ways That Cosmetic Dentistry Can Boost Your Career

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Woman smiling while at her job’s office.

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you! And when it comes to making good first impressions, having bright and healthy pearly whites really does go a long way—especially in the professional world. But many people feel as though they’re at a disadvantage if their smile is compromised. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry can offer several effective treatment options that are certain to enhance your smile and in turn, your career success. Here are four ways that it can help.

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