A BIIIIIIG Hug….from Me to You During Heart Health Month!

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bear hug

Sending you a hug during February Heart Health month to inspire you to reach OPTIMAL ORAL & SYSTEMIC HEALTH!

One of the greatest moments in my life was when a patient came through the doors of Stonebriar Smile Design and gave me, their dental hygienist,  the biggest hug — and said, “Thank you – my doctor said you SAVED MY LIFE.”

You see all of the measures we take at each dental appointment you have serve a purpose.  Most people don’t realize that we see our patients 3 – 4 times more a year than your general physician.  Subtle details of consistent blood pressure readings taken at each of these appointments, and signs that present themselves in your mouth such as oral inflammation are clues to us as your dental professionals that something may be going on in your body.  This particular situation alerted us to suggest that our patient get an evaluation by his primary physician….and come to find out the patient was very close to a cardiac event such as a heart attack!

Next time you are in the office for an appointment, pay close attention to the details of your appointment.  You will realize that we truly are YOUR biggest advocate in oral and systemic health!

On this Valentine’s Holiday I – Donna Starford, your hygienist, send YOU a hug…the life I want to save is YOURS!

Guest blog by,

Donna Starford, RDH

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