Which Holiday Foods Are No-Go’s When You Have Dentures?

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holiday foods to avoid with dentures in Frisco

With the holiday season just around the corner, you can bet there will be plenty of good cheers. Whether you like listening to festive music, stringing up lights around the house, or baking up some of your favorite seasonal pastries, this is a time of year to be excited about. That said, if you recently received new dentures, you might wonder how they’ll affect your holiday meals. Read on to learn about several types of foods you should avoid while wearing your restorations and tips for making the most of your favorite seasonal dishes!


Dental Bridge or Partial Denture: Which is Better?

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A dentist explaining the difference between partial dentures and dental bridges

If you have multiple missing teeth, you’re likely looking for replacements. In that case, your best options are to either get a partial denture or a dental bridge. Each of these treatments could fill your tooth gaps and thus restore your smile! That said, there’s a chance you don’t know the difference between partial dentures and dental bridges. Fortunately, your Frisco dentist can help you make the right choice. Here’s a summary of partial dentures, dental bridges, and which is best for you.


Can You Die from a Tooth Infection?

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A patient with a tooth infection in Frisco

Let’s say you’re diagnosed with a tooth infection in Frisco. At first, you might not think this is too big of a deal. After all, aren’t infected teeth a common issue? Perhaps you can wait things out. In truth, however, you should quickly treat and prevent an infected tooth — the condition can be fatal! To prove this claim, your local dentist is here with evidence. Read on to learn how a tooth infection can kill you, what to do about it, and tips on preventing one in the future.


How Would Dentures Affect Your Sense of Taste?

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Dentures from Frisco

If you have missing teeth, you might think dentures will let you enjoy meals like before. After all, they’re “false teeth” that are supposed to help you chew food. However, dentures can actually worsen your sense of taste in some cases. Should that happen, you may not get the nutrition a healthy body needs. That being said, there are ways to keep this taste change from happening. To learn more, here’s a summary of the connection between dentures and taste from your Frisco dentist.

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