Dental Bridge or Partial Denture: Which is Better?

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A dentist explaining the difference between partial dentures and dental bridges

If you have multiple missing teeth, you’re likely looking for replacements. In that case, your best options are to either get a partial denture or a dental bridge. Each of these treatments could fill your tooth gaps and thus restore your smile! That said, there’s a chance you don’t know the difference between partial dentures and dental bridges. Fortunately, your Frisco dentist can help you make the right choice. Here’s a summary of partial dentures, dental bridges, and which is best for you.

What’s a Partial Denture?

Like a full one, a partial denture is an appliance that replaces pearly whites. However, it only includes a few artificial teeth rather than an arch’s worth.  

Each partial denture has a gum-colored plastic base that attaches to tooth replacements. As a result, the prosthetic is removable and can be taken out for cleaning or sleeping. It also links to your mouth using clasps that clip onto your natural teeth.

Sometimes, a partial denture’s plastic base may connect to a metal framework.

What’s a Dental Bridge?

Similar to a partial denture, a dental bridge only replaces a few teeth at a time. Still, it does so using a unique approach.

A bridge has two crowns fused to either side of several false teeth. These crowns fit over the pearly whites you have left, so the prosthetic is permanently attached to your mouth. If a patient has no stable neighboring teeth, though, a bridge might attach to dental implants instead. Either way, its material will be gold, metal alloys, or porcelain.

Somewhat confusingly, people often call bridges “fixed partial dentures.”

Which One is the Better Option?

Given their differences, partial dentures and dental bridges work best for patients in different situations.

A dentist will often suggest a partial denture if you’re missing several teeth in a row. This option is also ideal if you’re likely to lose more teeth, as it doesn’t attach to your natural pearly whites. Lastly, it’s often cheap and thus a good choice for the budget-conscious.

Meanwhile, a bridge will work if you only lack one or two teeth. At the cost of a higher price, this restoration is also more lifelike and longer-lasting than a denture. In fact, bridges can last up to fifteen years with proper care!

As you can see, partial denture and dental bridges have their own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, talk to your dentist before making a final commitment.

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