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August 26, 2010

Dr. Wade and Kelli are AMAZED with Invisalign

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Kelli is moving right along in her Invisalign. The changes that we are seeing are AMAZING!! The key to successful movement is wearing your aligners. This makes the teeth move to the correct position so that when you switch to your next aligner you do not have any problems. We can definitely tell when they are not being worn as much as they should be… 🙂 Kelli has been doing a fabulous job wearing her aligners!!!

Here is what Kelli has to say about her Invisalign so far, “Ladies and gentlemen, I have just put on my fifth set of aligners!! This means that I’m half way done! I am really starting to see some major improvements. You know when you work out really hard for a couple of months, and you start seeing changes in your body and then you’re motivated to keep going? That’s what this feels like, except that it hasn’t been work at all. Honestly, my last several trays have been pretty pain free, and I don’t even notice when I have them on anymore. The whole process just seems be getting easier. Time is flying by! Oh, one thing…I think I am already seeing progress with what I’ve always called my “snaggle” tooth. Go ahead, look at the picture that’s posted…see it? On my top left? That’s the one that has always caused me to have a “bad side” in pictures….I won’t take pictures from that side because that tooth has always stuck out so far that I was embarrassed. Well, low and behold, that tooth is moving back in line with the others!! I don’t know if it’s that noticeable to anyone else yet, but to me it is so encouraging because I am starting to see some subtle differences. To me, that’s a reason to smile!

Here is a picture of where Kelli started and where she is today only after 4 aligners. Keep up the good work Kelli because your teeth are looking great! 🙂


After 4 aligners (8 weeks)

Leave us a comment on how AMAZING her results are so far.

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Dr. Wade

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