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Stonebriar Smile Design, Dr.’s Jill Wade and Kristi Moody invite you to participate in the 2014 Operation Gratitude – Candy Buy Back Program.

We all know that the abundance of candy obtained by our kiddos at Halloween can get out of hand and most of the time ends up in our trash cans.  Operation gratitude offers a candy buy back program where you bring your extra candy into Stonebriar Smile Design, and for every pound of candy received you receive $1.00.  This makes Dr.’s Wade & Moody happy also because it keeps excessive amounts of sugar from decaying your children’s and let’s face it – YOUR teeth.  We have all been guilty of the late night, early afternoon candy jar raids from kids Halloween baskets!  It’s just as dangerous for adults as it is for children when contributing to tooth decay.

The candy that is obtained is sent off and packaged up for troops serving abroad.  Simple indulgences such as a chocolate candy bar provide a sense of something they cherish at home not readily available while on base!

You children are also encouraged to write a letter to the troops to accompany their donation. Heartfelt letters are most appreciated by service members abroad.

Please, visit to learn more about the program.  Donations will be accepted at Stonebriar Smile Design until Thursday, November 6th.  Visit our website for operating hours & drop by at your convenience!

Happy Halloween! It’s time to collect some candy!



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