Increase Your Potential by Improving Your Perception

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John was accustomed to having Super Hero status with his family, friends and business colleagues. He was handsome, strong, witty, fun-loving, and had been a motivated executive in his company for many years. Recently, as he was leaving a long day at work, he caught a glimpse of his reflection and was shocked at what he saw. He was unable to recognize the defeated, unhappy, overweight, and tired version of “Super Hero” John. He felt the weight of the world on his shoulders but was completely unmotivated to do anything about it. So he began to wonder … Is PERCEPTION the REFLECTION of what is going on inside of you?

Are you aware of how others perceive you? Are you reflecting health, vitality, strength, and mental sharpness? The message you may be sending out to the world may not be the one you would like. Your mind, body, and spirit are intricately connected and when well balanced, you are at your best. These days so many productive, hardworking business people are feeling the effects of long term stress such as, weight gain, lack of motivation, less energy, more irritation, less loving, and less tolerance.

Remember you only have one chance to make a great impression and sometimes perception is everything. You are your best asset and you may need to take time to focus on the Super Hero in you.

Which super hero are you reflecting?

Super Man – The ultimate hero is sharp, clear thinking, loving, energetic, fit and ready to help others. Success seems to come easy to both in his career and home-life. His stress and sex hormones are in balance; he exercises regularly and practices great nutritional habits. Superman sleeps deep and sound, waking up refreshed and ready to save the world. He is able to balance his drive and motivation with kindness and patience.

The Hulk- This hero is juiced up on steroids. He experiences “roid rage” at the smallest things, flying off the handle at work and at home. He works out consistently but doesn’t have the advantage of a balanced endocrine system. His nutrition is better than most; however, heavily weighted towards putting on muscle and keeping his protein intake adequate. Sometimes sleeping is a challenge if he is wired and his mind is racing. His stress glands (adrenals) are taking a beating by having to stay in fight or flight mode most of the time, this puts him at risk for decreased immunity and increased recovery time after hard workouts.

Homer Simpson-As lovable as Homer can be, he is definitely lacking some Super Hero qualities. He is over-weight, a heavy drinker, makes poor nutritional choices, is a couch potato, and unmotivated to set the world on fire at work. He has a pot-belly, abrasive personality, and is losing his hair! Good thing Marge loves him. At mid-life, Homer’s sex hormones are starting to decline, decreasing his libido, contributing to weight gain, making him grumpy, and unmotivated to get off the couch. His stress glands (adrenals) are probably fatigued due to poor nutrition, drinking, lack of exercise, and living with his son Bart.

Austin Powers-He is a shagadelic example of someone who has it going on internally, but his outer appearance is somewhat misleading. His libido is great; he is sharp, witty, brave, and for the most part physically fit. His hormones are balanced and he manages the stress in his life with flair. He makes decent food choices and doesn’t over-indulge in alcohol. He sleeps well with whomever he entices into bed with him. The only thing Austin needs is a power smile, haircut and a stylist! Others would perceive him as healthy and successful that much sooner with a few surface improvements.

So….how are you being perceived? Are you reflecting your health or the lack thereof? You can control your reflection for a while, until age or poor health take over. It is important to put your best foot forward in this world …. perception can be critical in a job hire, promotion, sale or deal. You can still be the Super Hero you were destined to be by taking a few crucial steps toward health.

Balancing your Circle of Health consists of four key components: hormones, nutrition, nervous system, and purification.

Hormones – As men age, hormones like testosterone and growth hormone start to naturally decline. If these imbalances are corrected, men may have the advantage of an increased libido, maintaining leanness and muscle mass, staying sharp and focused, and maintaining their edge at work.

Nutrition—Because every cellular activity in your body requires the proper nutrients, it is very important to feed yourself healthy food and quality supplements. You have to have the appropriate fuel, to operate as a super hero. For example, B vitamins are important for energy and the production of hormones; whereas, vitamin D3 is important for immunity and fighting cancer.

Nervous System—Proper levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine will keep moods even, tempers in check, creativity alive, and those around you happy. Proper amounts of amino acids are essential for neurotransmitter production. Supplements such as 5-HTP and amino acids, along with moderate exercise can improve your neurotransmitter levels.

Purification – A superhero’s world is full of toxicities. Preservatives in foods, pollution in air, lead in paint, aluminum in deodorant are examples of toxicities in all areas of life. Alcohol and prescription/non-prescription drugs can also be considered toxins. To perform at the highest level, purification of cleansing organs like the liver and kidneys is very beneficial.
Bring the super hero back…he is inside you, just waiting to bust out…who knows, someone may mistake you for Clark Kent!!!

About the Authors
Jill Wade, DDS, MAGD and Kelly Martin DC are committed to helping men and women find a natural approach to wellness. Dr. Martin and Dr. Wade explore the synergy between the entire body and the mouth being a window to wellness and alignment. Co-Founding Relevance Health was a combined effort to help men and women lead healthier, better lives. To learn more about a healthy “Circle of Health” visit

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