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July 29, 2010

Kelli’s Invisalign with Dr. Wade is a Breeze!

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Kelli has been doing great in her Invisalign braces. We are already starting to see some changes! Kelli had a minor set back of a couple of days however it will make her future aligners fit better. Let me explain… Sometimes when you are wearing the Invisalign trays something will not make the complete movement. When this happens there will be a slight gap in the aligner, even if you have worn it for the full two weeks. We want to correct it so that with each new aligner you do not get off on the course of your treatment. This typically occurs when we are correcting teeth that are crowded on the upper or lower arch. To help the teeth move we will sometimes have to do Inter-Proximal Reduction (IPR). This lightens the contacts between the teeth slightly so that they can move to another position. This will help the tray seat all the way because the teeth can continue moving. This sometimes has to be done with traditional braces and does not damage the teeth.

Here is what Kelli had to say about the first couple of weeks in her Invisalign: “I’ve seen several of my friends and no one has made any comments about my new aligners. To me, that’s amazing. I even went to visit my parents and they didn’t notice! My teeth felt a little bit tight for the first two days, but after that, I barely even notice that I have my aligners on.

I had some tight spaces between a few teeth, so Dr. Wade filed them out a little bit which was a strange sensation, let me tell ya! Don’t worry, though….no pain at all. I’m going to wear my first set of aligners for a couple more days so that my teeth can slide a little bit further, and then I’ll switch to the second set. I must say that even though I’m aware that I’m always wearing my aligners, no one else can tell. My husband is constantly asking me, “Are you wearing your teeth?” You must understand that he means my aligners, and not my actual teeth 🙂 But, if he can’t tell, then it makes me confident that no one else that I talk to can tell, either!!

I just switched to my second set of aligners and must say that they weren’t nearly as tight as the first set! I think that now my teeth are somewhat used to being in motion, so they didn’t mind the switch at all. I switched them right before I went to bed, so if any pain occurred, I don’t know about it because I was busy catching my zzzz’s!! I’ve had them on for a couple of days now…this may sound crazy, but, I really think that I can see a slight difference! It’s not much yet, but I see it, which makes me proud to wear my aligners! Oh, and honestly, none of my friends or family have noticed them, and I’m not just saying that. I almost want someone to say SOMETHING so that I can tell them how excited I am about having a beautiful smile! But, if their lips are sealed, then so are mine :)”

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Dr. Wade

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