Love…A 6 year old perspective!

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Love2 LoveLove is….

In this past month focused on LOVE, I began thinking and reflecting? I asked myself: have you defined what love is for you?  What brings you happiness or passion?

After reading what my 6 year old twins defined as love at school I decided I would write what love is to me.

I challenge you to do the same. STOP for 5 minutes and do your homework. Actually write down your thoughts..Maybe your list will need translation to others. Maybe not. Remember a basic fundamental communication rule is…. Clear message sent…. Clear message received. Are you sending out a clear message to who and what you love?

My girls definition of love:

  • Behaving
  • Smile faces
  • I love you
  • Best friends forever
  • Help mom
  • Baxey.(the dog.)
  • Beautiful
  • Helpful
  • Being nice
  • Being together
  • Wonderful
  • Loving everybody

Sometimes when you stop and really think simply about what love is…you realize you and your children have the same values and treasures regarding love.  However, you might not be expressing your values of love to your people often enough!


This Mommy Blog was written by Dr. Jill Wade of Stonebriar Smile Design in hopes to engage personal connection between she and you, the reader!

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