Stay Hydrated with Water Instead of Sugary Drinks

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If you read our last blog post,then you know how concerned we are about our Frisco patients staying hydrated during the rest of this hot summer. But today’s we’d like turn our attention away from sugary drinks towards the topic of water.
Water is the best drink you can consume, no matter what the temperature is outside. Here are some of the biggest benefits of drinking water:

  •  Drinking water helps decrease the body’s acidity levels. As a result, the body produces fewer free radicals and inflammation is reduced.
  •  Though not a substitute for brushing and flossing, drinking water after meals helps teeth stay clean by washing away debris and leftover food.
  • Water that’s enriched with fluoride can strengthen teeth by attracting important minerals.
  • Consuming plenty of water improves the body’s overall function by supporting kidney health, keeping the body hydrated, and helping to maintain a stable weight.

Knowing about the benefits of drinking water puts the whole issue of hydration in perspective. As tasty as fruit juices, soft drinks, sweetened teas, and sports drinks might be, do the pros of regular consumption outweigh the cons? Is it wise to drink beverages that have a negative impact on health when a pure, beneficial drink like water is so easily within reach for most of us?
Do you still have questions about how drinking water can benefit your smile and your overall health? Dr. Jill Wadeat Stonebriar Smile Designwould love to answer your questions. Call our office today. We serve patients from Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Allen, Dallas, and The Colony.

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