Will Insurance Cover My Oral Cancer Screening in Frisco?

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dental insurance formDid you know routine visits to your dentist are important for more than just a cleaning and checkup? It also allows your dentist to perform an oral cancer screening in Frisco. On average, over 51,000 adults are diagnosed with the disease in the U.S. Dentists can detect as much as 80% of new cases early using routine screenings. Do not worry about an additional cost. Many dental insurances pay for the screenings as part of the preventive coverage.

Why Do I Need Dental Crowns in Frisco for My Cavities?

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dental restorationsYou have worked hard to keep your teeth strong and cavity-free; however, despite your best efforts, your dentist has recently informed you that you have one. To have it treated, you had expected to need a simple filling, but your dentist has suggested the use of dental crowns in Frisco. Although you may find it to be unusual, there are times when a filling cannot be used to treat your cavity. A crown may be the ideal solution to save your tooth.