Treating Sleep Apnea with a CPAP Machine

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 Treating Sleep Apnea with a CPAP Machine
In our last blog post, we began a series on sleep apnea by talking about its symptoms and what causes it. Over the next couple of posts, we’ll look at how doctors have treated sleep apnea, beginning today with CPAP.
What Is CPAP?
CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. For patients who are receiving treatment with CPAP, this continuous flow of air is produced by a machine and is pumped through a delivery tube to a face mask, providing patients with a steady supply of air. As a result, patients who receive treatment with CPAP may finally be able to sleep comfortably, getting the much-needed rest they deserve.
And yet, as effective as treatment with CPAP can be, there are some downsides associated with it. For some, wearing a mask at night can be difficult, while others may have a hard time adjusting to the feeling of forced air. Still other problems include:
·         Nasal congestion
·         Sore throat
·         Conjunctivitis
·         Skin irritation
·         Nosebleeds
Still, despite the common problems associated with CPAP, for some it is an effective solution for combating sleep apneaand finally getting some well-deserved rest.
There is another solution for treating sleep apnea, though, and in our next post we’ll talk about how this simple, non-surgical approach is restoring hope for those who struggle to sleep at night.
Until then, if you have questions about sleep apnea or treatment with CPAP, we’d love to hear from you. Call Dr. Jill Wade’s Frisco office today to schedule an appointment. Our office provides great dental care to patients from Plano, McKinney, Allen, Dallas, The Colony, and beyond.

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