What to Know When Seeing an Emergency Dentist Without Insurance

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A patient filling out dental insurance for an emergency dentist in Frisco

So, let’s say you want to see your emergency dentist in Frisco. Perhaps you’ve chipped a tooth, or you knocked out one of your pearly whites. However, it turns out that you don’t have the proper insurance. Does that mean you should give up on treatment? Of course not! Instead, it means you need to be smart about getting urgent care on a budget. Luckily, your local dental practice is here with some guidance. Here are three things you should know when seeing an emergency dentist without insurance.

Only Focus on *Urgent* Issues

Since you don’t have dental insurance, focus on care for what needs immediate attention. If you try to treat issues that can wait, you’ll spend money you can’t afford to use. That said, only go in for an emergency visit for things like a knocked-out tooth, an injured jaw, or incessant bleeding.

Once your finances are more stable, you can book a visit for less urgent issues — lost fillings, cracked teeth, etc.

Be Familiar with Your Options

In the end, you do have other treatment options besides a standard dental visit. These other ones include:

  • Dental Schools: These schools provide quality work by students at little to no cost, under the supervision of licensed dentists. In fact, several clinics in your area will partner with these schools to provide affordable dental care.
  • Government Clinics: There may be free or governmental clinics are near you. Some dentists and oral professionals volunteer year-round to provide services at no cost.
  • Payment Plans: Many dentists offer payment plans, whether to provide affordable dental care or to supplement an existing plan. Better yet, these plans don’t include interest and are easy to pay back. Ask your own dentist if they’re open to such an arrangement.
  • Charity or Community Events: There are cities that hold healthcare events to provide low-cost dentistry. If you’re uninsured, look out for a community event that provides dental care you wouldn’t receive otherwise.

Remember That Treatment is Money-Saving

Above all else, remember that treatment saves you money in the long run. While skipping emergency care might seem thrifty at first, it’ll cost you more in terms of follow-up services. Studies even show that every $1 spent on preventive care can save you roughly $8 – $50 on restorative and cosmetic care down the road. That makes preventive emergency services a great long-term investment!

By knowing the items above, you’ll receive effective dental care in your price range. Otherwise, you can always talk to your emergency dentist in Frisco for payment tips and tricks.

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