5 Benefits to Starting Your Invisalign Treatment During Summer

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Have you been considering straightening your teeth with Invisalign? You’re in luck – summer is the best time to start your treatment! If you’re interested in learning all about why the warmer months are the ideal time to begin, then keep reading.

Reason #1: Enjoy All Your Favorite Foods Worry-Free

Is your summer calendar filled with BBQs, cookouts, and evenings by the campfire? Good news: there aren’t any dietary restrictions with Invisalign! Since the trays are removable, you can enjoy air-popped popcorn, fresh fruits, salty chips, and the like. The only “rule” is that you have to clean your teeth (and aligners) immediately afterward to ensure you meet the 22-hour-a-day wear time.

Reason #2: Smile Confidently All Summer Long

Whether you’re being photographed professionally at a wedding, or you want to snap a quick selfie on vacation, you won’t have to worry about hiding your smile with Invisalign. In fact, the trays are so discreet that even your closest friends and family might not be able to tell a difference!

Reason #3: Fewer Check-In Appointments

With traditional braces, adjustment appointments are often every month. Invisalign visits are more spread-out, typically every six weeks or so. So, you won’t have to worry about your summer calendar being filled to the brim with dental appointments just to achieve your smile goals. It’s one of the many reasons more than 12 million patients have chosen to straighten their teeth with Invisalign.

Reason #4: Straighten Your Teeth from Anywhere

With removable trays, no dietary restrictions, and fewer check-in appointments, Invisalign is hassle-free. So, if your summer plans include backpacking across Europe, relaxing on the coast of Bora Bora, or sightseeing in Paris, your orthodontic treatment won’t stand in your way. You can travel all over the world and work on your dream smile simultaneously!

Reason #5: Have a Gorgeous New Smile by Next Summer

The average treatment timeline with Invisalign is 12-18 months – that’s considerably shorter than traditional braces! While the exact length of time needed to straighten your smile will vary depending on a few factors, like the severity of your misalignment, there is a good chance that starting now will mean your new and improved smile is ready by next summer.

If you want to make your dream smile a reality, there is no time like the present to schedule your Invisalign consultation. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your dentist today!

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