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Cost of Dental Implants – Frisco, TX

A Healthy Smile Worth Investing In

If you’ve been thinking about changing your life with dental implants, you’ve probably wondered about the cost of treatment. There are many factors that can influence the price of your dental implants, which is why we have included some variables that contribute to total cost. Keep reading to learn more about dental implants in Frisco and why they’re worth investing in.

Types of Dental Implants

Man smiling outside with dental implants in Frisco

Every implant case is different because each patient has a unique smile. One of the reasons why we offer dental implants is that they have the ability to replace one tooth, multiple teeth, or even an entire smile. For a single missing tooth, we can use a dental implant to support a dental crown. For multiple missing teeth, a dental bridge may be able to replace the entire missing dental structure at once. And, if you’ve lost all or most of your smile, we can support custom-made dentures with dental implants. The type of implant treatment that’s best for you will directly affect the overall cost.

What are the Stages of Dental Implant Treatment?

3D illustration of a dental implant and crown

There are multiple stages to the implant process, and each of them have a unique cost associated. First, you’ll come into our office for a consultation. We may find other oral health issues such as periodontal disease, which will need to be treated before we can place dental implants. After we decide that implants are right for you, we will schedule your surgery. Once your implants are placed, there is a recovery period that allows them to permanently fuse to your jaw. Next, once your integration process is complete, you’ll come into our office for your restoration.

Are Dental Implants Worth the Investment?

Man smiling in dental chair wearing blue shirt

While dental implants tend to have a slightly higher price tag than other treatments, their benefits make this replacement well worth it. In fact, because dental implants have the ability to last for a lifetime, you may actually end up saving money from additional dental treatments in the future. In addition to their longevity, dental implants are also the only replacement that stimulates the jawbone to prevent deterioration after tooth loss. This also helps you avoid cosmetic treatments in the future because your face will already look fuller and healthier.

Does My Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Older couple smiling together outside

Unfortunately, dental insurance typically doesn’t cover dental implants. However, our experienced team can work with your plan to maximize your benefits while minimizing your out of pocket costs. Sometimes, your insurance may cover certain aspects of the procedure like the consultation or your periodontal therapy, but this will all depend on your plan. We also have CareCredit financing as a way to make our quality dentistry affordable. Call our office to learn more!

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