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Sports Mouthguards

Young woman with gorgeous smile

Participating in sports is great for all sorts of reasons! You get a chance to get outside, hang out with your friends, and for children, it gives them a chance to learn how to work with a team. Of course, even when talking about a non-contact sport, accidents can happen, and often, it’s the teeth that bear the brunt of the damage. Did you know that 40% of all sports injuries are actually dental injuries?

To help our patients protect their smiles and stay in the game/match longer, we provide completely custom-made sports mouthguards. Because they are made for an individual patient, they fit much more comfortably, which often enables a patient to breathe much easier than if they use a store bought sports mouthguard. Plus, ours also defend the smile much better because we can alter the mouthguard to shield the weak/exposed parts of your particular smile.

If you’d like to get a custom sports mouthguard for either you, your child, or both, please contact us for an appointment today! Now, you can have one less thing to think about the next time you hit the field, mat, or court!

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