Heart Health Month – Frisco, TX

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Healthy Hearts

Every February, doctors of all disciplines and patients are reminded of the importance of their heart’s health. During Heart Health Month in Frisco, TX at Stonebriar Smile Design, we strive to do our part when it comes to battling the biggest killer in the U.S. today. How do we do it? By monitoring the levels of bacteria in your mouth. More and more research is showing that oral bacteria, like that found in gum disease, is a leading risk factor for a variety of cardiovascular ailments. At our dental office, we’ll keep an eye on your mouth, help you treat your gum disease, and work with your healthcare provider to make sure your heart is always well taken care of.

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Why Choose Stonebriar Smile Design for Heart Health Month?

  • OralDNA Testing Improves
    Treatment Planning
  • Holistic Dentists That Take
    Whole-Body Wellness Seriously
  • Effective Antibiotic Therapy for
    Gum Disease Treatment

Dentistry &
Your Heart

Person with chest pain holding their heart

Many people may not realize it, but your oral health is largely connected to your heart health as well. For example, chances are that if there’s something wrong with your gum health, there’s a higher chance that your heart health needs attention as well. Essentially, the better you take care of your gum health, the less likely bacteria will travel from your gums to your heart. This can work to reduce your risk of systemic problems like bacterial infections of the bloodstream and damage to the heart valves.