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The gums are often the “canary in the coal mine” when it comes to your body. When they are healthy, it’s likely that a person is healthy. However, if they are red, puffy, and inflamed, it can be an early warning sign of a wide array of problems, including a hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalances can affect your mind and body in a wide variety of ways, and by keeping a close eye on the state of your gums, we can catch the indications of this problem and help you get treatment before your life is ever affected.

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Hormones & Your Dental Health

Woman looking at her inflamed gums

When dramatic changes in your hormones occur, it can affect other parts of the body. For example, during pregnancy, women can experience a condition known as “pregnancy gingivitis.” As pregnant women undergo dramatic changes in their hormone levels, their risk of this condition goes up. This is because changes in hormones can increase blood flow to the gums, causing them to overreact and become more sensitive. At our dental office, we’ll make sure that you’re able to stay proactive against these sudden changes.