Cosmetic Imaging – Frisco, TX

Take a Glimpse
into Your
Smile’s Future

Doing anything that can change the look of your smile is a big deal. Your smile is probably the first thing people notice about you, so the last thing you’d want to do is to undergo a cosmetic dentistry treatment and not get the results you want. To ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want, we can use our cosmetic imaging system. With it, we can create your own “before & after” photos before you receive any treatment. Want to see how teeth whitening will affect your appearance? Porcelain veneers? Invisalign? With imaging, we can help you see into the future.

Not only will it help you know if a particular treatment is right for you, but it will also give you a chance to ask our team for small adjustments. That way, we can make sure you’re getting your perfect smile even before you sit in the treatment chair.

How Does Cosmetic Imaging Work?

Dentist capturing images of patient's smile with cosmetic imaging device

First, we take a number of photos of your smile. Once that’s done, we can use our cosmetic imaging software to alter the photos depending on what kind of changes you want. Are you curious about what veneers will look like once they’re in place? We can show you! Are you uncertain about the impact that whitening will have on your teeth? We can paint an accurate picture for you! This process will take much of the guesswork out of picking the right procedure.

Benefits of Cosmetic Imaging

Dentist examining patient's smile
  • Communication: You won’t have to worry whether the changes we describe match what you’re imagining; we can show you what we’re talking about so that you can set your expectations accordingly.
  • Confidence: It’s easier to select a cosmetic procedure when you have a good idea of how it will turn out in the long run.
  • Useful Reference: You can take your “smile preview” home with you to get feedback from your loved ones before fully committing yourself to a cosmetic treatment.