OraVerse® – Frisco, TX

Don’t Get
Caught with a Numb Mouth

Going to the dentist and taking care of your teeth is great and all, but you know what isn’t? Numb lips, numb cheeks, and a numb tongue. Eating and drinking becomes nearly impossible, and you also need to be worried whether you’re drooling or not.

With OraVerse® in our Frisco, TX dental office, we can significantly cut down on the lasting effects of local anesthesia so you can get back to your life as quickly as possible. We’ll simply administer it the same way we did your local anesthesia, and it’ll quickly take effect. Often, it’s able to cut down on a patient’s lasting numbness by more than half!

Why Choose Stonebriar Smile Design for OraVerse®?

  • Remove Numbness Sooner
    Following Dental Treatment
  • Trained Dentists Dedicated to
    Your Comfort
  • Perfectly Pairs with
    Sedation Dentistry

The Benefits of OraVerse®

Patient receiving dental treatment with OraVerse local anesthetic

Following local anesthesia, children tend to bite their lips, tongue, and inside of their cheek, causing cuts and oral sores that can easily become infected. Additionally, parents and older patients may find it difficult to speak clearly, smile, or even drink fluids following their dental appointment. Not only does OraVerse solve both of these problems, once applied, the effects begin right away! This ensures you can continue your routine and protect your younger family members.