Orthodontics – Frisco, TX

Multiple Ways
to Straighten
Your Smile

Whether you’ve never had orthodontics before or you your teeth have shifted back to their crooked position due to not wearing your retainer at a young age, Stonebriar Smile Design can help you achieve a straighter and healthier smile. With the help of our orthodontic expertise, you can rest assured that your future dental care is in reliable hands. To set up a consultation to discuss orthodontics in Frisco, TX, give our dental office a call today!

Why Choose Stonebriar Smile Design for Orthodontics?

  • Personalized Care from an
    Orthodontic Expert
  • Traditional Orthodontics and
    Invisalign Available
  • Dental Office Uses Propel® Technology
    for Faster Treatment

Traditional Orthodontics

Woman with traditional metal braces

If you’ve ever heard of or seen traditional braces before, you likely already know what they look like and how they function. Metal braces are made up of several brackets that are placed directly on teeth. An archwire slides through each bracket and is tightened regularly in order to gently push teeth into a straighter and healthier position. When you have significant bite problems or largely crooked teeth, you can expect traditional braces to provide results.

Invisalign® Clear Braces

Woman holding an Invisalign tray

Braces are no longer the only way to get a straighter smile. With Invisalign, custom-made clear plastic aligners gently straighten the teeth in the most discreet way possible. The trays will be practically invisible on your teeth, guaranteeing that the only thing people will notice is your gorgeous smile.

Learn More About Invisalign®


Patient receiving fast braces treatment

This treatment is designed to shift teeth at a considerably faster rate compared to traditional orthodontics. Using a series of triangular brackets and square-like wire system, FastBraces can shift both the crown (top) portion of the tooth as well as the root (pointed end that extends into the jawbone) at the same time. As a result, it cuts treatment time considerably.

Propel® Braces

A Propel accelerated orthodontics device

If you ever wished your orthodontic treatment were faster, you’ll love learning about Propel Braces! This FDA-registered accelerated orthodontic device utilizes vibration to stimulate bone remodeling, ensuring that teeth shift more quickly compared to using traditional braces or clear aligners alone. It’s one of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your orthodontic treatment and reducing the length of your care. The best part: it can be used even after you’ve already started your orthodontic care!