Regeneration – Frisco, TX

Naturally Encouraging

As you age, your body’s ability to heal itself slows down. That’s because you lose a significant percentage of your body’s stem cells over time. Stem cell therapy not only has the ability to resolve inflammation,= but also to promote your body’s natural self-repair mechanisms. These young cells provide a more conducive environment for natural healing. Keep reading to learn more about our use of stemp therapy to promote regeneration in Frisco, TX dental patients at Stonebriar Smile Design.

Why Choose Stonebriar Smile Design for Regeneration?

  • Get One-on-One Attention
    from Holistic Dentists
  • Regenerate Bone Tissue for
    Dental Implant Placement
  • Protect Your Supporting Bone Tissue
    from Dental Disease

Stem Cell Therapy
& Regeneration

Animated stem cells

Because umbilical cord stem cells are undifferentiated, they can support and stimulate the repair of cells in the attachment of tissue, blood, ligaments, fibers, and bone. Of particular importance, bone support plays an essential part in keeping your mouth healthy and strong for a lifetime. Conditions like gum disease or osteoporosis can damage teeth’s supporting bone. Although traditional gum disease treatment methods get rid of the bacteria and infection, they don’t help the body heal and recover naturally. That’s where stem cell therapy comes in. Supplementing gum disease treatment with stem cell therapy can help your body regenerate the cells it lost, giving you better results.

Why Consider Stem
Cell Therapy?

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Whenever possible, our team at Stonebriar Smile Design will suggest the most conservative treatment that addresses the cause of the problem. With stem cell therapy, we can not only make sure your mouth is free from disease, we can also provide bone regeneration using a relatively non-invasive method. In fact, stem cell therapy simply activates your body’s natural healing mechanisms to restore what was lost. The procedure itself requires injecting the stem cells into the oral cavity with the same feeling as getting a cavity filled.

If you have additional questions about stem cell therapy, we invite you to contact our Frisco dental office. We would be glad to address your concerns and explain this remarkable treatment to you in more depth. Your restored oral health could be closer than you think. Contact us for an appointment today!