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Tooth loss affects around 178 million Americans and affects more than just the appearance of your smile. In fact, even if you're only missing a single tooth in Frisco, your remaining teeth will start to shift and move. This puts you at higher risk for multiple problems, including bite alignment issues, uneven wear, gum disease, and cavities. Not to mention that your self-confidence takes a hit from having a gap in your smile. However, by replacing your missing tooth, you'll prevent all of these issues and enjoy great oral health for many years. At Stonebriar Smile Design, we offer multiple replacement options, including single tooth dental implants in Frisco, TX, which you can learn more about below. And if you have any other questions or want to schedule a consultation, contact us at any time! 

Why Choose Stonebriar Smile Design for Single Tooth Dental Implants?

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Single Tooth Replacement Options

Animated dental implant single tooth replacement

All of our experienced dentists recognize that what's right for one patient isn't always right for another, so we give you multiple treatment options whenever possible. We'll discuss the pros and cons of two different procedures with you during your consultation: a fixed dental bridge and a single dental implant. In the meantime, here's a basic description of how each one works:

  • A dental bridge – A bridge is a fixed prosthetic tooth that's supported by the two healthy teeth on either side. These two teeth will each have dental crowns that are fused to a third crown in the middle, bridging the gap created by a missing tooth. A bridge is non-removable and can be expected to last 10-15 years with proper care.
  • A single dental implant – While a bridge only replaces the crown of a missing tooth, an implant replaces both the root and the crown. In fact, the implant itself is actually a surgical-grade titanium post that takes the place of a missing root. After it's been placed in the jaw and given several months to fuse with the surrounding tissue and bone, it's completed with a single, custom-made dental crown.

The Benefits of Implant-Supported Single Tooth Replacement

Woman sharing smile after dental implant supported single tooth replacement

Although there are certain situations in which a bridge is a great choice, dental implants in Frisco provide multiple benefits that a bridge doesn't:

  • Implants are considered permanent – Implants can last 30 years or more with basic care and maintenance (e.g. good oral hygiene habits and regular checkups).
  • Implants don't affect your other teeth – A bridge requires that two of your healthy teeth are crowned so they can provide support. With an implant, your other teeth won't be affected.
  • Implants feel and function more naturally - Since an implant replaces the root and crown, it functions the same way a natural tooth does. This provides more chewing strength than a bridge, which only replaces the crown.
  • Implants maintain your jawbone – Implants trick your body into thinking a tooth is still present in the jaw, which preserves the size and shape of your jawbone. This prevents changes in your facial structure that can lead to an aged appearance.

If you’re missing a single tooth and want to learn more about your options, give us a call today to schedule a consultation. With many years of experience, our team will help you find the solution that's perfect for your smile!