Smile Story: Kathy B. – Frisco, TX

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Meet Kathy

Kathy sharing flawless smile after cosmetic dentistry

Kathy’s story is one of hope – a hope to beginning the New Year with a harmonious smile reflecting confidence. She disliked her misaligned teeth and seeing so much of her gums when she smiled. Kathy simply wanted straighter, whiter teeth.

Before having a new smile, my life with discolored and crooked teeth brought me unexpected challenges. From the taunting and teasing about my smile as a youth, to the blank expressions and disapproval received during adulthood, a new smile has brought me a and an increase of self-esteem. Now I feel good about how I look. With this has come a refreshed attitude and a new mindset. It's now easier to be my best.

Since I'm someone whose initial greeting is with a smile and by making eye contact, it seems more smiles are being returned, and it feels good. Some people are just having a bad day and don't return a smile. But, I no longer wonder if it's because of my teeth. What a comfort! I'm not embarrassed by my smile anymore and am living a more content life. I enjoy smiling more and the peace and tranquility of knowing I have a beautiful smile to share.”

Kathy smiling before cosmetic dentistry
Kathy smiling after cosmetic dentistry
Closeup of smile after cosmetic dentistry treatment
Closeup of smile before cosmetic dentistry treatment
Closeup of bottom teeth after cosmetic dentistry treatment
Closeup of bottom teeth before cosmetic dentistry treatment
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