Smile with Heart - Frisco, TX

More Than
Just Your Mouth

Choosing the Smile with Heart Program will optimize your oral health while working side by side with your health care providers toward the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, strokes, cancers, sleep apnea, and other inflammatory disease processes. Together, we will maximize your preventive oral and healthcare potential. Feeling and looking your best creates the edge many of us are searching for in our professional industries.

Benefits of Smile with Heart

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The Smile with Heart program’s advantage is based on initial oral DNA testing. We utilize diagnostic testing in order to diagnose the presence of periodontal disease pathogens and a genetic tendency for the disease before we conclude which cleaning/therapy is appropriate. You are unique and so is your diagnosis. Therapy is customized to your current health status, previous medical history, stress level, family history, and current oral conditions.

The Cost of Smile with Heart

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The initial additional out-of-pocket costs for diagnostics are valuable tools in the proper diagnosis of periodontal disease, which is highly linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and several other inflammatory diseases. The program is PREVENTION driven. Therefore, we offer our Smile with Heart participants discounts on further preventive services and products.

Our initial appointments are fee-for-service. We cannot predict what your insurance will pay for preventive diagnostic tests. As a courtesy to you, we can file an insurance claim on your behalf to your dental network and assign the payment to you directly. We are not an in-network provider for any insurance company. The doctors feel overall and dental health standards cannot be achieved by abiding by insurance regulations.