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Have you ever had a toothache so excruciating you couldn’t concentrate on anything else? If that’s the case, you might be suffering from a severe dental infection. In some cases, a prescription of antibiotics isn’t enough to alleviate your pain and cure the infection. We may have to extract the tooth entirely. Rest assured that if you end up needing a tooth extraction, our team at Stonebriar Smile Design will do our utmost to make the process as comfortable as possible. To learn more about tooth extractions in Frisco, TX keep reading below.

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Why Would a Tooth Need to Be Extracted?

Woman in need of tooth extraction holding cheek in pain

One of our goals is to help our patients retain their natural teeth for as long as possible. However, sometimes extracting a problem tooth is just the solution your oral health may need. Here are some of the reasons a tooth extraction may be necessary:

  • Severe tooth decay or damage has destroyed the tooth beyond repair
  • The teeth are too crowded to safely undergo orthodontic treatment
  • Room needs to be made for a full or partial denture
  • A tooth is impacted, or stuck in the gumline
  • Wisdom teeth, or third molars, often become impacted, crowded, or infected

How Does the Tooth Extraction Process Work?

Metal clasp holding an extracted tooth

There are two types of tooth extraction: simple and surgical. A simple extraction is only possible when the tooth has fully erupted through the gumline. First, we numb the area around the tooth and administer sedation if necessary to soothe your nerves. Then, we use a clasping tool to gently rock the tooth back and forth until it breaks free from the gum tissue.

When the tooth is impacted, we need to perform a surgical extraction. We likely need to make a small incision in the gums to access more of the tooth. In some cases, we may even need to break the tooth into smaller sections and remove them one at a time. Keep in mind that everyone’s situation is different, and we’ll carefully plan out every detail and walk you through the process at your consultation.

What Happens After a Tooth Extraction?

Woman having a tooth extracted

After your tooth has been removed, we’ll provide you with a personalized treatment plan to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery. We aim to help you avoid complications and ensure your comfort as your smile heals, so we’ll outline a post-operative plain utilizing prescription and/or over-the-counter pain medications. We may also suggest applying a cold compress to your cheek in ten-minute intervals for up to an hour to curb swelling, reduce bleeding, and alleviate pain. In addition, we’ll provide you with aftercare tips such as how to brush and floss for the next few days, when and how to switch out your gauze, and how to gradually introduce a range of foods back into your diet. During your recovery, if you notice any of the following signs, give us a call right away:

  • Increasing pain after the first two days
  • Sensitivity near the extraction site
  • Redness, swelling, or heat near the surgical site
  • Bleeding that doesn’t stop after the first two days

Are you experiencing extreme tooth pain in Frisco? Schedule an appointment with us so we can examine your mouth and determine the cause of your discomfort. If we decide that a tooth extraction is what’s best for your oral health, we’ll make the process as easy for you as we can.